The Newly Elected Academician Prof. Zhang Hongfu Returns with Glory

On the afternoon of December 4th, the newly elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Zhang Hongfu, a professor of the Department of Geology at Northwest University, also the Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics, returned to Northwest University with glory.  The university held a simple but warm welcome ceremony.

Prof. Wang Yajie, Chairperson of Northwest University Council, Prof. Guo Lihong, President of Northwest University, Vice-presidents, Prof. Wang Zhengbin and Prof. Chang Jiang, Mr. Lv Jianrong, the Director of the Presidents’ Office and related leaders from the university and the Department of Geology attended the welcome ceremony.

Prof. Guo Lihong, Prof. Wang Zhengbin, Director Lv Jianrong, and the relevant teachers and students representatives from the Department of Geology greeted Prof. Zhang Hongfu at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. On behalf of the university and all the representatives, Prof. Guo Lihong expressed his welcome with a bouquet of flowers to Academician Zhang Hongfu.

In his speech, Academician Zhang Hongfu firstly expressed his deep gratitude to all the teachers and students of Northwest University as well as the Department of Geology. Prof. Zhang Hongfu said that the development of the country has entered a new era, our discipline of Geology has also selected as the “first-class discipline.” “In the academic field, I will try my best to conduct scientific research. In the coming few years, I will pay more attention to the research work in the Qinling Mountains area. As for the team building and training, I will try to play my leading role. And most importantly, I will firmly set my roots at Northwest University, and I will keep serving Northwest University and Geology discipline."

On November 28th, the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the list of newly elected academicians in 2017, and Professor Zhang Hongfu of the Department of Geology of Northwest University was elected to be the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Till now, there are 3 academicians working at the Department of Geology of Northwest University