2018 New Year message from the leaders of Northwest University

To live up to a new era  To write a new chapter

   ——2018 New Year message from the leaders of  Northwest University

Dear Teachers, Students, Alumni and Friends

A new solar year has begun; everything is in the process of rejuvenation. At this marvellous turning point, I should like to extend holiday greetings and New Year's wishes to all teachers, students and auxiliary staff, retired comrades, alumni at home and abroad, and leaders at every level and people in all walks of life who have supported the construction and development of this university. I wish you all a Very Happy New Year. May your New Year be filled with joy, happiness, good health, and may the path ahead be a smooth one!

For all members of Northwest University, the past year has been a time of hard work and dedication. The entire institution has implemented conscientiously the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress as well as the national and provincial level meetings of the University Ideological and Political Work Conference. By adhering to the law of school operations, the law of education, and the law of talent training, we have emancipated our minds, made innovations in our practices, continued to deepen our reform, and strived to catch up with and surpass others. The pace of "Double First-Class" construction has been accelerated continuously. All the said tasks have been completed satisfactorily and the university has embarked on a new course of development .

Time waits for nobody, and diligence will be rewarded. The past year, has been a year of a great achievement. Northwest University has successfully convened the 13th Communist Party Meeting and has been approved as one of the “World Class Discipline Construction Universities.” Four disciplines have been admitted to the top 1% of the world's ESI universities. For the first time the university has entered the top 500 universities in the world according to the ARWU list compiled by Shanghai Jiaotong University. All faculties have formulated comprehensive reform plans, and the pilot faculties have reaped the dividends of reform. Professor Zhang Hongfu was selected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Thirty-one academics have been recruited or invited through national high-level personnel projects. Sixty academics have been recruited or admitted through the provincial "One Hundred Talents Plan" and other ministerial level talent projects. The leading critical role played by the 12 Academicians’ Offices has been especially pronounced this year. The New Year Forum for Academicians proved successful and fruitful. Our research funding reached a record high of 280 million RMB. The number of NSFC applications, the number of approved applications and the average rate of endowed funds have reached a record high. The mid-term review and annual return inspection of Undergraduate Teaching Review and Assessment by the Ministry of Education of China has been successful completed. A series of celebrations of the 115th anniversary featuring "academic celebrations and cultural celebrations" have been carried out.The University has been awarded the title of the Inaugural National Civilized Campus. In the newly-announced results of the China’s Fourth Round of Disciplines Assessment, two disciplines of our university have entered Type A, of which archeology is rated A + and theoretical economics is rated A-; six disciplines are now ranked in the top ten, of which archeology is tied for first, Geology is tied for third, theoretical economics is tied for fifth, world history is tied for sixth, geological resources and geological engineering are tied for eighth.

Thank you all for your hard work! Without your contributions, we would not have been able to achieve all the above mentioned things.

        The year 2018 will be a crucial year for our university. The following challenging tasks must be tackled. To implement the "The University’s 13th Five-Year Plan", to accelerate the construction of the National "Double-First-Class" Universities, to deepen the University comprehensive reform, to tackle  the ensuring challenges-sometimes thorny in nature, to carry out the objectives and tasks laid out by the University 13th Communist Party Meeting, to  implement thoroughly the "Six Strategies" project, to focus on major problems, augment the development of first-class disciplines and scientific research capabilities, and further promote the all-round development of students, accelerate the University National & International Open Initiative Project,  upgrade the quality and efficiency of the school management & services, just to name a few. By concentrating on the major tasks ahead, turning shortcomings and weaknesses into strength, giving full play to our distinctive characteristics,   the University will strive forward into a new stage.

        A thousand sails compete, to be the first to get to sea. The 19th CPC National Congress has ushered in a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The development of Northwest University has begun afresh. The new era calls for a new outlook and new endeavors. We must study thoroughly and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and take the Xi Jinping’s New Era of Socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guideline. Dear comrades, let’s each fulfill our responsibility, cheer ourselves up and strive forward steadily & continuously, live up to the new era, seize new opportunities, and forge new achievements, together we will build "a Strong New Northwest University, a Beautiful New Northwest University and a Happy New Northwest University," and to write new chapters in the development of the university.  


Party Secretary: Wang Yajie

President: Guo Lihong