President of South Korea’s Gyeongsang National University Visited NWU

Source: Office of International Affairs, NWU

On June 20th, a delegation headed by Professor Lee Sang-kung, the president of Gyeongsang National University in South Korea, visited NWU.  President Guo Lihong met with these guests on Taibai Campus, and the heads of the office of International Affairs and Law School attended this meeting. At the meeting, Guo Lihong and Lee Sang-kung, on behalf of the two universities, renewed the agreement on interuniversity cooperation. The heads of law schools of two universities also signed an agreement on inter-school cooperation.

During this meetingrepresentatives of the two sides introduced the situations of their universities respectively and reviewed the history of their cooperation. The delegates expressed the hope that interuniversity cooperation could be strengthened in the future, and the subject areas involved in the exchange of teachers and students could be expanded to achieve a larger scale of communication.

The two sides also talked about comprehensively promoting further communication in law-related subjects. They plan to cooperate in exchange of students and teachers, joint postgraduate training, and joint international conferences to advance the internationalization of talent’s training and scientific research of two universities in law related subjects.

Established in 1947, with 13 schools and 91 majors,  as well as 25,000  students and more than 2,000 teaching and research personnel, Gyeongsang National University  ranks top 10 out of 39 national universities in South Korea. NWU signed an inter-university cooperation agreement with Gyeongsang in 1998 and sent groups of teachers to teach in the school of literature.                       


The delegation headed by Gyeongsang National University visiting NWU  Museum


Meeting Room


Guo Lihong and Lee Sang-kung signing cooperative agreement on behalf of two universities