115 Projects of NWU Approved by Shaanxi Science and Technology Fund

Source: Department of Science and Technology, NWU

Recently, the funding of 2018 Shaanxi science and Technology Projects ware recently announced by Shaanxi Provincial Department of science and technology, among which 115 were granted to NWU with a total fund of 14.03 million RMB yuan. The number of projects that has been established has increased by 33.72% and the funding increased by 4.31% compared to last year.

After the publication of the 2018 Shaanxi Science and Technology Plan Project and NWU’s extensive mobilization, our school submitted 296 projects of various types, which sets a record high of the number of applications. Among them, 209 projects are Fundamental Research Project of Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science, 64 items are Key R&D Program, and 23 projects are Shaanxi Provincial Innovation Capacity Support Plan. The overall funding rate for various projects is up to 38.85%.