A delegation of NWU led by president Guo Lihong visited universities in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines

From May 30th to June 7th, a delegation led by NWU president Guo Lihong visited Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Singapore Campus of Curtin University, University of Malaya, Bulacan State University in the Philippines and Lyceum of the Philippines University to expand the cooperation and exchange in Southeast Asiarecruit more talents for NWU and hold annual Confucius Institute board meeting. Heads of International Affairs Office and Personnel Office were in the delegation. 

This delegation firstly visited Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, met with the vice president of the school, Chen Jinliang. They conducted deep communication in the exchange of teachers and students and research cooperation between the two universities in the fields of philosophy, Chinese literature, and foreign literature and finally reached an agreement. After the meeting, the delegation held a talent recruitment seminar. President Guo Lihong introduced the overall situation of NWU and encouraged abroad students to work in NWU after graduation. The person in charge of the Personnel Department explained the talent introduction policy of NWU in details according to the individual needs of the students. The presentation was effective and a total of 8 doctoral students signed a letter of intent with NWU.

During the stay in Singapore, the delegation also visited the Curtin University Singapore campus, and talked about their work with Rhodes, the president of the school, and director of related affairs. The two sides agreed to fully implement the inter-university cooperation agreement between NWU and Curtin University and jointly carry out projects such as student exchanges for 6-12 months.

Subsequently, this delegation visited the University of Malaya, the oldest research university with the longest history, the largest scale and the strongest comprehensive strength in Malaysia. NWU’s delegation held a discussion with president Dr. Hashim and heads of functinal departments and scientific research unit including, the International Department , the Optoelectronics Research Center, and the Humanities College and signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two universities. Guo Lihong introduced the relevant situation of NWU and exchanged views with the guests on the operation mode, funding situation and potential cooperation areas of the two universities. Hashim said that the University of Malaya is very interested in comprehensive cooperation with a representative of universities in northwestern China under the “Belt and Road” system. After discussion, both parties agreed to implement cooperation in the areas of faculty and student exchange, student internship, and cooperative research.

In the Philippines, the delegation visited two universities, Bulacan State University and Lyceum of the Philippines. At Bulacan State University, the delegation participated in the two annual board meetings of Confucius Institutes of NWU---the Confucius Institute at Bulacan State University and the Confucius Institute at Northwest Nazarene University. This is the first time that NWU held a Confucius Institute board meeting overseas and the participants exchanged experiences, learned from each other, and promoted the steady development of the Confucius Institute. The Foreign dean of the Confucius Institute made a summary of the work in 2017 and the Chinese dean conducted a phased summary and deployment arrangement for the related work in 2018. The president and heads of the three universities also discussed the development plan and related issues of the Confucius Institute. The parties agreed to promote the refined management and pragmatic development of the Confucius Institute on the basis of mutual trust.

During the stay in Philippines, the delegation also visited the Lyceum University of the Philippines and Guo Lihong and the Executive Vice President of the school, Dr. Javier, signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two universities. In 2017, the Confucius Institute at Bulacan State University established the first off-campus Chinese teaching center at Lyceum University of the Philippines. In the future, through the platform of Confucius Institute, NWU will promote cooperation with Lyceum University of the Philippinesin in the Confucius Classroom, Chinese program construction, Chinese teachers and volunteer teachers .

During the visit, talks with representatives of five universities were held, together with two meetings and the signing of two collaboration agreements and one talent recruitment campaign so as to deepen cooperation with the first-class universities in Southeast Asia and those with distinct regional features, which further facilitates the connection with resources of higher education in Southeast Asia.