The Second Luncheon Meeting with the President

On June 29th, the Second Luncheon Meeting with the President was held at Yulan Restaurant in Chang’an campus. The attendants included Guo Lihong, the President, Lv Jianrong, the Standing Committee Member of the University Party Committee and the director of the General Committee (Administration) Office, the leaders of the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of University Youth League, the Logistics Group and other relevant departments, as well as 12 representatives of the outstanding students in 2008 and the student assistant president.

At the luncheon meeting, the representatives of the invited graduates had an in-depth interaction and discussion with the leaders of the university and the heads of relevant department on the career planning, China's intellectual creation, employment and entrepreneurship, postgraduate recommendation and further education, postgraduate enrollment, campus sports fields, academic research and so on. They put their heads together and discussed freely about the “double first-class” construction, and put forward advices for the development of the university. Guo and the heads of the participating departments listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of the students, and patiently answered the questions asked by them. Later, all of them took a group photo and exchanged souvenirs.

Guo said that the graduates in 2018 had witnessed and participated in many historical changes, such as the selection of the national civilized campus, the selection of national civilized units, and the construction of "double first class", which were the motivates for the development of the university. As the bridge between the university and the students, the student principal assistant has fulfilled the responsibility of caring the students and speaking for the students. And in the research activities and investigation reports at important period such as the beginning of the semester, the graduation season, and others, he has played a significant role in providing consultancy service in policy-making and improving the management of the university. He wished the graduates a smooth sailing and a promising future as an outstanding member of Northwest University.

"The Luncheon Meeting with the President" is a special brand activity carefully created by the university that takes the student assistant president as a link "to build the platform, listen to the heart, seek common view, and develop together". It is also an important activity which was first held in June 19, 2017 to promote the students to participate in the university construction, and to enhance the democratic management, decision-making and the transparency of university affairs. (Photo by Guo Shiqiang)