2018 Outstanding Graduates Award Ceremony and Graduation Concert Held at Northwest University

On the evening of June 29, 2018, the 2018 Outstanding Graduates Award Ceremony and Keep believing and Dream forward” Graduation Concert was grandly held in the Central Square of Changan Campus, Northwest University. CPC Party Committee Secretary Wang Yajie, President Guo Lihong, CPC Party Committee Deputy Secretary Zhao Zuoniu, Secretary of Standing Committee and Disciplinary Committee Li Bangbang, members of Standing Committee and Vice President Wang Zhengbin, Chang Jiang, Xi Jiami, members of Standing Committee and Chief Accountant Zhang Zengfang, members of the Standing Committee Lv Jianrong, Tian Minggang,  alumni of NWU, and Executive Vice-President of BGI(The Beijing Genomics Institute), Yang Shuang, and representatives from various departments, together with 2018  with home and international graduates attended the award ceremony and the concert.The award ceremony was hosted by Sun Guohua, Deputy Secretary of the School CPC Party Committee.

At 18:30, the ceremony began with solemn national anthem.Vice President Wang Zhengbin read the decision of recognition. And NWU CPC Party Committee Secretary Wang Yajie awarded medals and certificates to the 2018 Outstanding Graduates Wisteria Prize Winners.The leaders jointly presented the awards to 2018 Outstanding Graduates and Outstanding Foreign Graduates. Four students, Zuo Zhijun from School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Guo Qirui from School of Mathematics, Yan Yutong from School of Vocational Technology and Bin Long from School of International Cultural Exchange, spoke as representatives of winners of the Oustanding Graduates Wisteria Prize and representatives of Outstanding Foreign Graduates respectively.

In his speech, President Guo Lihong expressed congratulations to the excellent graduates and best wishes to all the graduates. He pointed out that the success or failure of one’s future lies on the environnent.  As a university with over one hundred years’ history, Northwest University has nourished the youth of her students, and has laid the foundation for their future success. He hoped that all graduates would hold tight their asprations, keep firm their ideals, diligently practice their skills so as to contribute to the national construction and rejuvenation with the knowledge and wisdom received at NWU and write an excellent page in the history of building a modernized socialist China.

The video clip named "Hello, Future !" lifted the curtain of the graduation concert. The concert consists of four parts: the gliterring youth, emotional bonds between teachers and their students, forget-me-not and marching together. All those performances of music ensemble, poetry recitation, songs, dance and video shows left the graduates with an unforgettable happy memory.

Thereafter, all teachers and students sang two songs named "Ode to the Motherland" and "the Alma Mater of Northwest University, " putting an end to this event in the beautiful summer evening.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined