Exchange visits to Northwest University by returning Schoalrs of Shaanxi natives in UK

From July 12 to 15, five Shaanxi scholars from University College London, University of Southampton, University of Hertfordshire, University of De Montfort, University of Liverpool College of Tropical Medicine and other well-konwn British colleges, universities and research institutions paid a four-day exchange visit to Northwest University.

On the afternoon of July 13, Guo Dawei, Deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi provincial people's Congress Ma Yimin, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People's CongressCheng Miangui, Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee, Vice Chairman Shang Xiaohong, President of NWU Guo Lihong, Vice President Xi Jiami and other leaders held a discussion with visiting scholars on Taibai Campus.   

During the discusssion, Guo Dawei extended warm welcome to the visiting scholars and expressed sincere thanks for their obsession in their hometown and positive services for the development and construction of the Shaanxi Province. Meanwhile, he pointed out that the current sino - british relations were in the best period, and the two countries had conducted in-depth cooperation in many fields. Guo dawei said that Shaanxi Province was a major province in education and scientific research and attaches great importance to the development of education, but there was still a big gap between the internationalization of education in Shaanxi and those world-class universities. He hoped that visiting scholars could actively help our province introduce talents and play a positive role in establishing friendly exchange relations between China and the UK.

President Guo lihong said that starting from the second half of this year, our university would begin to implement the Complete Credit System, which would bring more possibilities for our foreign cooperation and exchanges. We hope that visiting scholars will help us expand cooperation and introduce more high-level experts to join us to promote the  internationalisation process of NWU.

Professor Tang Junwang expressed his appreciation to NWU’S organization and support of this evernt and said that scholars working in the UK with Shaanxi origin would make use of the fellow countrymen’s assaciation to introduce outstanding talents and advanced tachnologies  to benefit universities and business in Shaanxi.

This event was included in the "Chunhui Program" of the Ministry of Education, and was greatly assisted by Shaanxi Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. Connections have been made between group memebers of scholars and thier relevant departmets, including the Department of Geology, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Chemical Materials, Scholl of Life Science and School of City Environment and follow-up collaborations will be carried out later.undefined