Survey on the Education of "the Belt and Road" Launched at Northwest University

On July 16, Shu Gangbo, Chief of Policies and Regulations of the International Divison of the Ministry of Education, and other three leaders from the Research Group of the Ministry of Education came to NWU to conduct discussion and research field work, accompanied by Fan Yongbin, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial Education Department and other relevant persons in charge of Shaanxi Provincial Education Department. Deputy Secretary of NWU CPC Party Committee and vice president Jia Mingde attended the discussion.The research group held a discussion with the leaders of the relevant departments around the implementation of "the Belt and Road" education plan. 

In the discussion, Shu Gangbo introduced the main direction and key content of the research, and hoped that NWU put forward pertinent suggestions to the work. Fan Yongbin affirmed the important achievements of NWU in the field of "the Belt and Road" education cooperation for a long time, and would welcome NWU to summarize the main challenges faced in the course of the implementation work.Jia Mingde said that NWU has its strength in carrying out "the Belt and Road" education cooperation exchanges based on the long history and academic strength in certain fields. NWU will continue to combine the geographical advantage and the discipline characteristics to advance the "the Belt and Road" education action plan and promote the internationalization level of NWU. The Director of the International Affairs introduced the initiatives, plans and suggestions of NWU on promoting "the Belt and Road" education. Heads of the Silk Road Institute, the School of International Cultural Exchange, the Middle East Institute and the Syrian Research Center shared their experience and made suggestions on supporting the key cities of "the Belt and Road", carrying out two-way educational exchanges, promoting scholars' "going out" and optimizing regional country research mechanism.


Shu Gangbo affirmed NWU's innovative achievements in "the Belt and Road" education, and responded to the questions raised by the participants. In conclusion, Fan Yongbin pointed out that Northwest University had made sunstantial achievements in the strategy of teaching, researching and serving "the Belt and Road" initiative,  and proposed that the Ministry of Education realize overall planning and give key support to universities in western China at the national level. He hoped that institutions of higher learning in Shaanxi Province could make best use of informatization technologies to promote the cooperation and exchange of "the Belt and Road" education and to ensure an efficient implementation of internationalization .