Seven disciplines of Northwest University selected into Global First-class Academic Subjects in 2018

Shanghai Soft Science Co., Ltd. officially released "2018 Global First-class Academic Subject Ranking", into which seven disciplines of NWU were selected, including earth science, chemistry, chemical engineering, nanoscience and engineering, energy science and engineering, material science and engineering, and bioengineering.

"2018 Global First-class Academic Subject Ranking" covers 54 disciplines of five fields, such as science, engineering, life science, medicine and social science. There are more than 1600 colleges and universities from 83 countries and regions all over the world in the list, among which colleges and universities from mainland China rank the first in 8 disciplines.

The ranking analyzes papers published by colleges and universities from 2012 to 2016. The index system includes the total number of papers, the influence of standardization of papers, the proportion of international cooperative papers, the number of papers in top journals, and the number of authoritative awards for teachers. All data come from the Web of Science and InCities database.