International Adelkara and Cambrian Science Congress Held at NWU

The International Adelkara and Cambrian Science Congress, co-launched by Edikara Branch and the Cambrian Branch of the International Stratigraphy Committee, hosted by he National Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics and the Key Laboratory of Early Life and Environment in Shaanxi Province and co-organized by the national key laboratory of paleontology and stratigraphy, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences opened on Taibai Campus of Northwest University on August 13. Professor Shu Degan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Geology of our university attended the meeting. Chang Jiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President delivered a speech. A total of 200 representatives from Cambridge University, Durham University, Bristol University, Harvard University, University of California, University of New England, University of Adelaide , University of Queens, University of Lausanne, University of Tokyo, and world-famous scientific research institutes from Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, Russia, India and Iran, experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and many Chinese colleges and universities, and persons in charge of relevant departments of our university attended the meeting.

On behalf of Northwest University, Chang Jiang welcomed the arrival of experts and scholars. Subsequently, he introduced basic information about the development of NWU and the discipline of geology. He said that the discipline of geology of Northwest University was founded in 1939, through the hard work of generations of scholars. We have formed our own advantages and characteristics in many fields, such as in tectonic geology, early life evolution, Precambrian geology, orogenic belt and basin, Cenozoic geology and environment, petroleum-bearing basin geology, reservoir physics, reservoir geology and loess research. He pointed out that the convening of this international seminar will further consolidate the long-term cooperative relationship established between Northwest University and famous universities and research institutions in the field of early life research, and help us train international first-class talents and build world-class disciplines.

On behalf of the Academic Committee of the Organizing Committee of this conference, Professor Shu Degan expressed his welcome to all guests. He said that the research team at Northwest University has long been devoting to the study of the origin and evolution of biological categories in the Ediacaran and Cambrian periods, a key turning point in the evolution of life and environment on Earth. Through the study, a complete early animal evolution tree has been constructed, and an attempt was made to discover the distant ancestors of the Cambrian era. He invited experts and young scholars attending the conference to widely participate in the relevant research projects of NWU, and to promote the innovation and development of the research field of co-evolution between life and environment in the period of key geography history of Adikara-Cambrian through multi-disciplinary exchanges and cooperation.

At the opening ceremony, the German Academy of Paleontology awarded the Special Contribution Award to Professor Zhang Xingliang. Professor Dong Yunpeng was invited to deliver a report.

The conference is held until August 16. The delegates will carry out a three-day multi-disciplinary and multi-field academic discussion on the important fundamental frontier of the Edikara-Cambrian Earth's life evolution and environmental change. Two official meetings of the International Stratigraphy Commission, the Edikara Branch and the Cambrian Branch, will be held during the period. The meeting also includes four field survey routes covering several typical geological profiles of the Cambrian of the Edikara system in South China and North China.

The conference will effectively promote the multi-disciplinary international exchange and cooperation on the coordinated evolution of biological earth environment during the key geohistorical transition in Edikara-Cambrian period, comprehensively enhance the understanding of scientific riddle of the Cambrian explosion, and further strengthen transnational and cross-disciplinary interactions and joint training of talents.