26 Subjects at NWU Selected in ShanghaiRanking’s Best Subjects of Chinese Universities 2018

On November 1, ShanghaiRanking Consultancy released its 2018 Ranking of Best Subjects of Chinese Universities, which covers 93 first-level subjects. 4,499 programs offered by 460 universities were on the list. 26 subjects from NWU entered the top 50% list. The total number of NWU subjects on the list ranks 59th among Chinese universities and the third in Shaanxi universities. Among them, archaeology and geology entered the top five. As a comparison with last year, three new subjects from NWU entered the ranking list, namely, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Information and Communication Engineering, and Optical Engineering. The rankings of over 10 subjects have improved significantly compared with last year, including Journalism and Communication and Philosophy.

Based its rankings on the latest“List of Academic Degree programs and Subjects”released by the Ministry of Education, the 2018 Ranking of Best Subjects of Chinese Universities by ShanghaiRanking published the list of the top 50% universities within the ranked subjects and their positions in the ranking scale. This ranking consists of five categories of indicators: the number of top research staff, research projects, academic awards and achievements, papers published, students corresponding to 12 indicator dimensions with more than 30 measurement indicators. Universities with the best performance in each dimension get the highest score, Other universities score according to its proportion to the highest value. The total score of a university is summed by the scores of each indicator.

With the continuous advancement of the national "double first-class" construction, third-party evaluation of university discipline development has become a hot topic in the circle of higher education and the whole society. NWU’s performance with 26 subjects on the best subjects list in the 2018 Ranking of Best Subjects of Chinese Universities will serve as an important reference and support to the objective evaluation to NWU’s first-class discipline development, which will also boost NWU’s discipline reputation and further accelerate NWU’S “double first-class” development process.