President of the University of Lethbridge, Canada Visits NWU

On November 15, Michele Mahon, President of the University of Lethbridge, Canada, visited NWU with Mrs. Mahon and a delegate including Paul Pan, Executive Director of the International Office, and David Yan, International Admissions Officer of Greater China. President Guo Lihong met with visiting foreign guests.

President Guo Lihong expressed sincere welcome to the visit of President Mahon. He briefly introduced the history, discipline structure, dominant disciplines and international cooperation at NWU and suggested that the two sides establish cooperation in the fields of student and teacher’s exchange, and scientific research cooperation. President Mahon gave a brief introduction of the University of Lethbridge. It is agreed between the two presidents that exchanges and cooperation be conducted in disciplines such as neuroscience, water resources, and business. Both sides come to an agreement that the establishment of cooperation and related cooperation projects will help improve the internationalization of scientific research and student development.

After the president meeting, President Mahon and his team had an in-depth exchange with the heads of International Office, School of Life Sciences, School of Urban and Environmental Sciences, and the School of Information Science and Technology at NWU concerning the cooperation in the fields of neuroscience, water resources and environmental protection, and financial market research.

President Mahon visited NWU museum and expressed his appreciation for the cultural relics and museum construction.

The University of Lethbridge is one of three public universities in Alberta, Canada, and its teaching and research capabilities represent the highest standards of higher education in Alberta. The university is home to faculties and schools including the Dhillon School of Business, Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Health Sciences and School of Liberal Education.  The University of Lethbridge offers more than 150 undergraduate degree programs and more than 60 postgraduate programs that administer its bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. The university's Center for Behavioural Neuroscience is the only academic institution in Canada with world-renowned research level. In addition, The University of Lethbridge has received international acclaim for its programs in environmental protection, agricultural technology and business.