Faculty of Historical Science Established at NWU and the Unveiling Ceremony of Historians ’Workshop Held

On Dec.10, the inaugural meeting of Faculty of Historical Science and the unveiling ceremony of historians’ workshop was held on Taibai Campus. Attendees of the conference include Zhang Qizhi, historian and Honorary President of NWU; Wang Zijie, first-level professor of the National College, Renmin University of China; Wang Yajie, Party Secretary, NWU and President Guo Lihong; Wang Zhengbin and Chang Jiang, members of Standing Committee of the NWU Party Committee and Vice President and Lv Jianrong, member of Standing Committee of the Party Committee, NWU and Director of the president’s Office. Vice President Lai Shaocong chaired the ceremony.  

At the inaugural meeting, Wang Zhengbin announced the establishment of the Faculty of Historical Science, historian Wang Zijin Workshop and the appointment of relevant personnel. Zhang Yizhi, Wang Zijin, Wang Yajie, and Guo Lihong jointly unveiled the plaques. Guo Lihong issued appointment letters to the chief experts of the historian workshops, and to the director, executive director and deputy director of the Faculty of Historical Science.


The Faculty of Historical Science encompasses several departments, such as the School of History, the Institute of Cultural Heritage, the Institute of Chinese Thought and Culture, the Institute of Middle East Studies, the Institute of Silk Road Studies, and the Institute of Advanced Studies in the History Research. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Historical Science integrates the relevant research fields such as history of Communist Party, history of literature, history of journalism, history of economy, history of philosophy and history of information science so as to create a coordinated development category of macro-history discipline. This innovative move is to stimulate innovation among relevant research organizations, highlight the featured development within the discipline of history and establish a high-level interdisciplinary talent cultivating system, which will provide powerful support for NWU’s “double first-class” construction.