Academician New Year Forum Held at NWU

On December 28, NWU Academician New Year Forum was held on Chang’an campus. Eight academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences and French National Academy of Pharmacy attended the forum. They are Zhang Guowei, Shu Degan, Zhang Hongfu and Xv Hongxing from Chinese Academy of Sciences; Zhang Shengyong and Cai Meifeng from Chinese Academy of Engineering; Colin A. Chapman from Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences and Zhang Yongmin from French National Academy of Pharmacy. Attendees also include Dong Xiaolong, Secretary of the Education Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and 600 NWU university leaders, staff and students.

The forum was presided over by Sun Guohua, deputy secretary of the NWU Party Committee. Wang Zhengbin, member of the Standing Committee of the NWU Party Committee and vice president announced the establishment of academician workshop.


The forum agenda includes a signing ceremony for the cooperation intention between NWU and McRae University, the establishment of three academician workshops and the appointment of chief scientists at the workshop.

Academicians delivered reports on the cutting-edge innovation in their fields and put forward suggestions on further reform in talents cultivation and research, which provide guidance for students and staff for their future development.

Dong Xiaolong, Secretary of the Education Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee expressed his congratulations on the achievements NWU made on talent development, which will open a new chapter in higher education reform and innovation.

Wang Yajie, Secretary of Party Committee, NWU, expressed his thanks to academicians’ academic and spiritual guidance to students in his summary speech of the forum. He also pointed out the talent development is of key importance to NWU’s future.

Guo Lihong introduced the new achievements in the “Double first-class” construction and stated that this new year forum 2019, the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, is to highlight the concept that“science and technology are the primary productive forces and talent is the fundamental resource”. President Guo also expressed his hope that forum scientists guide NWU researchers to make further contribution to the development of science and technology in China.

   As a branch activity of the forum, a seminar on biochemical pharmacy was held on December 27. Academician Hu Yongkang, Zhang Shengyong and Chen Fen’er of the Chinese Academy of Engineering were invited to attend the seminar.

       Up till now there are nineteen academician workshops set up at NWU, which is an important measure to deepen the reform on talent development system and a sound support for an overall implementation of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and "double first-class" construction.