The 11th Teachers' Congress and the 2nd Session of the 18th Workers' Congress of NWU Concluded

The 11th Teachers’ Congress and the 2nd Session of the 18th Workers’ Congress of Northwest University (NWU) came to a successful conclusion on the afternoon of January 11. Jia Mingde, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of NWU, presided over the congresses. Attendees included Wang Yajie, secretary of the Party Committee, NWU; Guo Lihong, president of NWU, and over 500 official delegates, nonvoting delegates and specially invited delegates.

The two congresses lasted for two days. Heated discussions were carried out on president’s work report. On the morning of January 11, a meeting of delegation leaders of Teacher’s Representative Committee was held, and all members of presidium and heads of Departments attended the conference and the reports of sixteen groups.

Representatives from School of Economics and Management, School of Mathematics, Department of Physical Education and School of Public Management made speeches at the second plenary session held on the afternoon of January 11.

A research team from School of Information Technology focusing on Intelligent Information Processing won the national “March 8th Red Banner” Outstanding Collective Award, and workers’ union of NWU was honored with “National Model Staff’s Home”. Wang Yajie and Guo Lihong presented the awards.

The congress passed a resolution on the Learning and Implementing the Spirit of the National Conference on Education with Original Aspiration to Embark on A New Journey of Constructing “Double First-Class”Disciplines. Adhering to the emancipation of the mind, reform and innovation, all faculties were called on to stay true to our original aspiration and keep our founding mission firmly in mind with the motto of “Fairness, Integrity, Diligence and Simplicity” so as to strive for the construction of “Double First-Class” and the target of “Internationally High-level Research University with Distinctive Characteristics”.

In his summary speech, Wang Yajie pointed out that we produced fruitful results with the collective efforts of all NWUers in 2018 stimulated by the goal of building a prestigious high-level university. He said that complete work planning was made for  2019. He noted that 2019 was the year of improving the quality of Party building, reform and upgrading and discipline promotion, and we should uphold Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and thoroughly study and implement the spirit of national and provincial education congresses to comprehensively advance the construction of the CPC and the development of NWU with the target of discipline promotion. Focusing on Party building and Party’s political work, Party leadership should be strengthened, which includes the construction of grassroots organizations formed by a strong team of cadres, anti-corruption activities. With reform and upgrading as the focus, direction and values of reform should be further clarified to meet the needs of teachers and students. The reform of “One School with One Policy” should be further implemented together with streamlining administration and delegating power. With a focus on discipline promotion, we should improve discipline performance evaluation and resource allocation and establish special discipline zones to accelerate the construction of “First-Class Disciplines”. Wang Yajie stated that First, we should free our minds, establish new thoughts and concepts by upgraded evaluation methods and criterion. Second. All NWUers are the participants and advocates of the reform.  Third, a problem-solving mindset needs to be established rather than passing the buck on others when problems occur in the process of reform. Fourth, we should be firm in keeping our ideals and original aspiration. All NWUers should pursue a common goal of making NWU a high-level university and gain happiness and achievement through untiring struggle. Fifth, confidence should be boosted to approve our achievements and recognize our mistakes and problems. Sixth, a shared value system should be established which connects all staff and students together to boost a sound development of NWU.