NWU Tops the Provincial University Rankings 2019 in China

        A Provincial University Rankings 2019 in China was unveiled in the Report on University Evaluation in China 2019: Guide for the Application for College Entrance Examination (Alumni Edition) by Cuaa.Net on January 24, and Northwest University (NWU) claimed the top spot in the newly released Rankings.

During the time of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, NWU stays focused on the construction of “Double First-Class” by reform and development to promote comprehensive strength and core competitiveness, and makes notable progress.

Among the top 100 universities in this year’s Provincial University Rankings in China, Northwest University, Zhengzhou University, Soochou University, Nanjing Normal University, Shanghai University, Hunan Normal University, Nanchang University, South China Normal University, Kunming University of Science and Technology and Yunnan University are top 10.

“Provincial University” is the university affiliated with and constructed by the local provincial government, which focuses on cultivating high-quality talents for local areas to promote local society and economy development.

47 provincial universities in 27 provinces are selected into the construction plan of world-class universities and first-class disciplines. Zhengzhou University, Yunnan University and Xinjiang University are selected into the “World-class University Construction Plan”, category B. 44 provincial universities, including NWU, will focus on building their preponderant disciplines into first-rate ones.

The ranking is the most systematic and comprehensive university ranking with the largest number of evaluation indicators, adopting 9 core evaluation indicators, including teaching quality, high-level talents, disciplines, high-end achievements, scientific research projects, scientific research base, educational level, social reputation and international influence, covering more than 300 four-level evaluation indicators.

NWU ranks first in the Regional Research University Rankings in China according to the University Rankings 2019 in China released by Cuaa.Net.

NWU was 15th by number of projects awarded “Ten Major Scientific and Technological Progress of China’s Colleges and Universities” from 1998 to 2018.

The stable performance in the major rankings is of great significance for NWU to expand its social influence and academic reputation, and to accelerate the construction of “Internationally High-level Research University with Distinctive Characteristics”.