Four Undergraduate Programs including Clinical Medicine newly set up At NWU

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the filing and approval of undergraduate majors for general institutes of higher learning in 2018, and four undergraduate majors such as Clinical Medicine, Biomedical Science, Intelligence Science and Technology and Intellectual Property Rights were approved to be set up at NWU. At the same time, the undergraduate major Editing and Publishing Science is approved to be revoked. Up to now, the total number of undergraduate majors at NWU has reached 89.

Undergraduate major is the basis of talent training, and it is key to deepen teaching reform and realize connotation development. The establishment and revocation of majors is an important measure to adjust and optimize the structure of undergraduate majors. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, NWU has fully implemented the “Plan for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education”, established a dynamic adjustment mechanism for enrollment, training and employment in accordance with social development needs, adjusting and optimizing the distribution and structure of majors in a timely manner, with a purpose to promote construction of “First-class Major” and build up the core strength for Undergraduate Teaching.

Taking the development of new majors as an opportunity, the demand of economic and social development as the guide, national standard of teaching quality of undergraduate majors as the basis, NWU will continually improve its quality of talent cultivation and the ability to serve economic and social  development by highlighting discipline characteristics and facilitating discipline accreditation.

Clinical Medicine: Based on the demand of medical talent cultivation needs in western China, adhereing to the founding principle of “small-scale, high starting point with distinctive features,” this major aims to cultivate medical professionals with high medical ethics and solid medical foundation, excellent clinical skills, high humanistic quality and strong innovation ability. Students of this major will learn solid medical basic theories, basic knowledge and basic clinical skills, aware of international clinical frontier development, equipped with basic abilities of medical treatment, scientific research and health management so as to be engaged in clinical treatment and scientific research regarding disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and health care.

Biomedicine Science: It is a major studying and solving problems in life science, especially medicine-related problems by means of integrating theories and methods in comprehensive medicine, life science and biology. Students enrolled in this major will study basic theories and experiments skills so that they care capable of scientific research, technical transformation, technical service and product research and development related to biology, preclinical medicine and clinical medicine. 

Intelligence Science and Technology: It aims to cultivate high-level and creative technology talents who master the basic knowledge of electronic technology, information processing theory, intelligent information system, computer and internet as well as intelligent science and technology capable of engaging in the research, design, and development in various electronic and information systems, intelligent information systems, control systems, instruments and equipment and in scientific research, teaching and management within the field of intelligence information.

Intellectual Property: It aims to cultivate compound talents who can engage in the protection, operation and management of intellectual property rights equipped with senior level of professional knowledge in law, and relevant knowledge in management and economics, familiar with the basic knowledge of intellectual property creation, application, protection, management and service, and proficient in the application and protection of intellectual property rights.