President Office

About the Office of the President The Office of the President is a comprehensive administrative institution of the university, which comes under the direct leadership of the President of Northwest University. It is not only the hub which can ensure the smooth operation of all administrative organs inside the university but also a window through which the outside world can reach the university easily. Hence, it reflects the image and style of the university. Its major responsibilities are as follows: 1. To draft, check, print and distribute various documents and other related rules and regulations of the university according to the instruction of the President. 2. To assist the President in organizing major administrative meetings and other events and to check up on the implementation of the resolutions reached by the meetings. 3. To conduct necessary investigations and research in order to clearly discern the issues that are of primary importance to the university, namely in the areas of reform, teaching, research, production, and administration. Based on this data, adequate suggestions should be put forward to the President. 4. To take charge of the administrative and official documents of the university and to assist the president in examining the draft documents to be sent out in the name of the university. 5. To take control of the administrative information of the university to and compile the chronicle of university events, materials concerning its history, and the introduction to the university. To compile and print The Bulletin of Current Affairs and to write relevant news reports. 6. To receive letters and visits from both inside and outside the university and to deal with relevant affairs in a timely manner. 7. To maintain contact both inside and outside of the university. To receive higher authorities and other work units for inspection, visits, cooperation and other affairs. 8. To arrange the work schedule for the university and for persons on duty in holidays, on the weekends, and at night. 9. To take charge of the seals of the university, the President, and the vice presidents. To examine and approve the seals of the administrative offices, to write administrative letters of recommendation, and to confirm these letters with official seals as per the university regulations. 10. To take charge of the reception and dispatch of all letters, newspapers, magazines and journals to the employees of the university. 11. To coordinate the work units of the university for comprehensive work according to the President’s opinion. 12. To take care of other tasks that the President and vice presidents assign. Contact us: Tel.:0086-29-88308001   0086-29-88308011         0086-29-88308017   0086-29-88308021 E-mail: