International Exchanges and Cooperation Office

About CICE Northwest University, founded in 1902, is the oldest institution of higher learning in Northwest China, and one of the leading comprehensive universities in China. It is also one of the key institutions of higher education listed in the construction of the State “211 Project”. The university is located in Xi’an, a famous ancient capital of China and the heart of ancient Chinese culture. The University pays attention to international exchange and cooperation. Since the start of China's reforms and opening to the outside world in 1979, the University has established cooperation and exchange relations with over 70 institutions of higher learning in the United States, Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. Since 1965, the University has accepted more than 5000 international students. In 1992, the University established a special entity, the College of International Cultural Exchanges (CICE), as a University-wide unit responsible for the admission of international students into various programs of study at the University. CICE also offers both degree and non-degree courses in the Chinese language. CICE’s Service Center provides accommodation, board and other services to international students. Currently, the college has about 900students from 12 countries. All undergraduate and graduate programs of Northwest University are open to international students. Categories of admissions include regular degree programs and non-degree programs at various levels. Undergraduate Programs History, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, Advertising, Art Design, Archaeology, Preservation Technology of Cultural Relics, Public Administration, Management Science, Administration of Public Affairs, Studies of Archives, Library Science, Labor and Social Security, Information Management and Information Systems, International Economy and Trade, Finance and Banking, Business Administration, Tourism Administration, Accounting, English, Japanese, Law, Philosophy, Social Work, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Informational and Computational Science, Applied Physics, Computer Science and Technology, Optical Information Science and Technology, Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Information and Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Chemistry, Materials Science, Applied Science, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Process Equipment and Control, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biological Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Geographical Information System, Urban Planning, Environmental Science, Resource Exploration and Survey, and Environmental Engineering. Graduate Programs Journalism, Theories of Literature and Arts, Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Fine Arts, Comparative Literature and Foreign Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, World History*, English Language and Literature, Archaeology and Museology, Special History*, Studies of Historical Documents, Ancient Chinese History, Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Public Administration, Social Security, History of Economic Thoughts, Political Economy*, National Economy, Enterprise Management, Tourism Management, Accounting, International Law, Business Administration, Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, History of Science and Technology*, Theoretical Physics*, Optics*, Inorganic Chemistry*, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry*, Physical Chemistry, Physical Geography, Human Geography, Environmental Science, Cartology and Cartological Information System, Botany*, Zoology, Microbiology, Electric Circuits and System, Chemical Engineering*, Computer Software and Theory, Technology of Computer Application, Chemical Technology, Biochemical Engineering, Mineralogy, Petrology, and Ore Deposit Studies*, Applied Chemistry, Geochemistry Paleontology and Stratigraphy*, Geological Engineering*, Structural Geology*, Quaternary Geology*, Mineral Survey and Exploration*, and Geological Exploration and Information Technology*. (Programs with * offer both Master’s and doctoral degrees.) Chinese for foreigners (Undergraduate program) This is a Bachelor’s program provided by the College of International Cultural Exchanges (CICE) for international students whose native languages are not Chinese. The program provides students knowledge and skills necessary to seek careers in teaching, translation, research, and other professions related to the Chinese language, culture, and economy. All the courses in this program are instructed in Chinese. Qualified graduates will be awarded diplomas or bachelor’s degrees. Non-degree programs in Chinese Language (The length varies from half a year to 2 years) The programs consist of Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced Chinese in accordance with the students’ Chinese language levels. Courses include listening, speaking, reading and writing, and offered in small classes with approximately 15 people. Short-term study programs A. Chinese Language: The main courses include Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, and Chinese culture (Chinese Calligraphy, Painting, Folk Music, Taiji Boxing, etc.) B. Chinese Culture: The main courses include Basic Chinese (primary and intermediate), Chinese History, Geography and Culture, Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Thoughts, Chinese Arts, Chinese Politics and Diplomatic Relations, Chinese Martial Arts, and Chinese Cuisine. All short-term study programs are open for application at any time. The schedule of courses is negotiable in accordance with the requests of target groups, and the number of students in each group should be at least 10. Individuals can apply for short-term study programs throughout the year. Admission Requirements
Type of Programs Admission Requirements and Criteria Length
Undergraduate A diploma from an accredited high school; and a pass score in HSK (Band 3). 4 years
Graduate (MA) An equivalent of Chinese Bachelor’s degree or higher; a pass score in HSK (Band 6); a minimum of two recommendation letters from persons with knowledge of the applicants’ ability and expertise; and a qualified score in the graduate entrance examination. 3 years
Graduate (Ph. D) An equivalent of Chinese Master’s degree or higher; a pass score in HSK (Band 6); a minimum of two recommendation letters from persons with knowledge of the applicants’ ability and expertise; and a qualified score in the graduate entrance examination. 3 years
Non-degree Program in Chinese (General) A diploma from an institute of higher learning. 1-2 years
Non-degree Program in Chinese (Advanced) A Master’s degree or higher. 1 year or less
Language Study Program A diploma from a high school. 1-2 years
  Application Procedures Applicants can request an Application Form from and submit to the Office of International Students Services of CICE at Northwest University. We welcome colleges, universities and other educational organizations all over the world to recommend students to our institution. Application Deadlines Fall: June 15; Spring: December 15. Application Checklist 1. A Completed Application Form for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China and Certificate of Guarantee; 2. Certificates of diplomas and degrees and transcripts. Applicants for a degree program must submit HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi-Chinese Language Proficiency Test) score; 3. Results of physical examination with the items required in Records of Foreigners’ Physical Examination enacted by the quarantine department of the People's Republic of China. As to the schedules, subjects and forms of the entrance examinations to the Master’s and doctoral programs, please contact the Office of International Student Services. Costs,Tuitions and Fees 1、Tuitions (Courses in Chinese language and culture (Registration 312/ year)
Length of stay 1 month 2 months 1 semester 2 semesters
Tuition 2,340RMB 4,290RMB 7,020RMB 14,040RMB
Non-degree, undergraduate, graduate and advanced visiting scholars programs:
Programs Arts and social sciences (annual fee) Sciences and engineering (annual fee)
Non-degree and undergraduate 14,040RMB 16,380RMB
Master's degree 15,600RMB 20,280RMB
Doctoral degree 20,280RMB 31,200RMB
Advanced visiting scholars 20,280RMB 31,200RMB
2. Housing fees (for students staying for more than 3 months)
Room Style Facilities Fee
Double Washroom, air-conditioner, color TV, telephone, wideband ¥ 43 person/day
Double Air-conditioner, color TV, telephone ¥ 6000 person/year
Single Washroom, air-conditioner, color TV, telephone ,wideband ¥ 60 person/day
Four people Air-conditioner, color TV, telephone ¥3000 person/year
  The International Student Building is equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, IC telephone, and hot drinking water facilities on each floor. Hot water is available around the clock, and heating is provided in winter. CICE has two buildings with over 300 rooms in different styles -- single, double, standard, and suite rooms. CICE’s Computer Lab gives access to the Internet for students. Other facilities include sports fields and gymnasium, etc. 3. Board Food services are available in CICE’s Dining Hall. It costs approximately 900 yuan a month for a student to eat in the Dining Hall. 4. Other services: Free services: Room reservation, Residence Permit and visa application, air and train tickets reservation, and picking-up at the airport or train station (for a group of 5 or more). Paid services: Picking-up at the airport or train station (for 1 to 4 persons), access to the Internet in the Computer Lab, printing, copying, fax transmission and receipt, and international phone calls. Scholarship CICE offers scholarships for students who have studied for a year or more. The scholarships are divided into three levels and awarded at the end of each year. Further information about the scholarships can be obtained from the Office of International Student Services or CICE’s website. More information can be obtained from: Mail # 142 College of International Cultural Exchanges      Northwest University Xi’an 710069, P. R. China Phone:  86-29-88303928   Fax: 86-29-88303511   86-29-88414733 Website: E-mail: