Teaching Affairs Office

Teaching Affairs Office, under the leadership of the university party, is a functional department responsible for the organization, management and service of undergraduate teaching affairs. It comprises the following divisions: Administrative Office, Teaching Division, Academic Division, Admissions Office and Office of University Student Cultural Quality Education Base. It was twice named "Outstanding Teaching Affairs Officeby the Ministry of Education in 1993 and in 1999. Administrative Office: responsible for daily affairs and coordination between different divisions. Tel (Fax): 029 — 88308396(South Campus)   88302257(North Campus ) E-mail : jwchzh@nwu.edu.cn Teaching Division: in charge of planning and implementation of undergraduate education reform as well as formulation and implementation of undergraduate talents cultivation program etc. Tel: 029 — 88308182 E-mail : jxke@nwu.edu.cn Academic Division: mainly responsible for status management, exams, practical training and various competitions etc. Tel: 029 — 88308183 E-mail : jwke@nwu.edu.cn Admissions Office: responsible for undergraduate admissions to NWU Tel: 029 — 88308566(South Campus)  88302211(North Campus) E-mail : zsb@nwu.edu.cn Office of University Student Cultural Quality Education Base: responsible for base construction of University Student Cultural Quality Education Tel: 029 — 88308184 E-mail : kangnan@nwu.edu.cn Statistics for the Public Teaching Buildings Northwest University currently boasts 11 public teaching buildings,        including 312 classrooms on the Taibai, Chang’an, and Taoyuan campuses. There are 4 teaching buildings on Taibai Campus providing 94 classrooms and 8482 seats, including 60 multimedia classrooms with 5162 seats. Another 4 teaching buildings are located on the Chang’an Campus providing 150 classrooms and 13989 seats, including 47 multimedia classrooms with 6664 seats. The remaining 3 teaching buildings are on Taoyuan Campus with a total of 63 classrooms and 8405 seats, including 17 multimedia classrooms with 3308 seats.