Security Office

The Northwest University public security office (security office) is a Functional department. It is under the school party politics leadership,  and the public security organs at higher business guidance, in accordance with relevant state laws and the school rules, safeguarding the security and stability, and providing the safe service for the numerous teachers, students and staffs. The public security office (security office) has 20 cadres and more than 110 school health members. It was seted up 1 director, 2 deputy directors, with the branch departments of political security section, public security section, school guard team, north school public security section, the peach garden school public security section, and managed the work together with the armed forces department. Over the years, in order to safeguard security and stability of the school, the public security office cadres and the school health members depend on each other and have made outstanding contributions. By schools and public security and safety of the agency's highly positive, they gained collective citations for many times and was awarded “Advanced Collectives” honorary title. Many cadres of merit shall be rewarded.