Graduate School

Graduate School

Graduate School is responsible for graduate enrollment, training, degree-granting and management. It oversees the screening of MA and PhD supervisors, their training and assessment, MA and PhD program applicaton and assessment,etc.

Graduate School consists of the General Office, the Graduate Admissions Division, the Graduate Teaching Affairs Division, the Graduate Education Division, the Academic Degree Division, the Professional Degree Division and the Graduate Students Financial Assistance Division.

Please contact:

General Office                 0086-29-88308162

Graduate Admissions Division     0086-29-8303658

Graduate Teaching Management Division  0086-29-88308163

Graduate Education Division      0086-29-88308613

Academic Degree Division        0086-29-88308164

Professional Degree Division      0086-29-88308345

Graduate Students Financial Assistance Division  0086-29-88308711


Graduate Admission Division at Northwest University

Northwest University was one of the first institutions empowered to set up doctoral and Master’s programs to enroll graduates and grant Master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. Meanwhile, it is authorized by the government to enroll staff members who have an equivalent post-graduate certificate education onto Master’s or doctoral programs. It also has the right to arrange special exams for staff members and the right to recommend certain students for entry onto postgraduate programs without sitting an enrollment exam. As a whole, this forms a multi-level, multi-type, and more rounded degree and graduate educational system.

To date, the University has established 19 doctoral programs belonging to first-category disciplines, 39 master’s programs belonging to first-catergray desciplines, 16 professioanl MA programs.

The Admission Examination for Doctoral Graduate Student is held in the first half of a year and enrollment takes place in the latter half of the year. The enrollment for the graduate entrance examination takes place in October each year, the test is held in the following January and course enrollment in September.

The reformed training system has been operating since 2010. For more details please login to the graduate section of the website of Northwest University

( Tel: 0086-029-88302210.