Scientific Research Department

The Department of Scientific Research, responsible for science and technology management under the leadership of principal and vice-principal, is the main administrative department in Northwest University. The duties are as follows:

1. Implementing the science and technology policies of CPC and the PRC and formulating the long-term and the annual plan concerning the university science and technology development.

2. Responsible for the declaration, approval, management, inspection and acceptance of scientific research projects in all levels and all fields as well as researches or studies across schools and departments in key directions and on significant projects.

3. Strengthening the contact with superior departments and other relevant departments in science and technology work and understanding the scientific research policies and information of the government in time.

4. Responsible for the application, construction, and management of university scientific research bases.

5. Responsible for the management, evaluation, appraisal, declaration, and rewards of scientific achievements as well as the consultation, application and implementation of the intellectual property rights.

6. Responsible for the review, signing, guidance, and supervision of different contracts including Science and Technology Development Contract, Technology Transfer Contract, Technology Development Contract, Technical Service Contract, and Technical Consulting Service Contract. Providing services for scientific research and coordinating the scientific research cooperation, science and technology promotion and transfer in all departments.

7. Organizing the school-wide and interdisciplinary academic exchange activities, and knowing the development trend of science and technology both at home and abroad so as to strengthen the scientific and technical information exchanges.

8. Completing other work assigned by the university.

The Department of Scientific Research has a director and a deputy director. There are four offices in the department: the Administrative Office, the Science Research Office, the Achievement Management Office, and the Science and Technology Development Center.

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