Finance Office

Finance  Office operates as a division of the financial administration at the university level, and is in charge of all-round financial affairs in NWU. It consists of 25 regular staff members, among whom six have senior professional titles, twelve have intermediate titles, seven have junior titles, and ten have postgraduate diplomas. Finance  Office comprises the following divisions: Accounting (0086-29-88302208; 0086-29-88308187), Finance for Academic Projects (0086-29-88303808), Toll Administration (0086-29-88308191), Financial Administration (0086-29-88302522; 0086-29-88308292), Finance for Infrastructure Construction (0086-29-88308322), and Office Affairs (0086-29-88308189). Biding strictly by relevant financial laws and intramural regulations, the Office of Finance, in all its sections, has taken consistent measures to practice strict work principles, to arrange proper position placements, to strengthen accounting procedures, to perfect internal supervision, to conduct regular and temporary financial inspection and accountant auditing, and to effectively prevent cases of financial violation.