The Logistic Service Group

The Logistic Service Group of NWU, under the leadership of the general manager, operates with a market-driven and enterprise-like management mechanism. This has shaped the group into being an independent business entity characterized by independent accounting, sole responsibility for profits and losses, autonomy in management, and self-driven development. The Logistic Service Group consists of a General Manager’s Office, the CCP Party Branch Office, the Personnel Division, the Finance Division, and the Division for Quality Control and Safety Supervision, to be found in the group’s headquarters located on the Taibai Campus. It has a staff of more than 1,200 distributed among 16 affiliated service entities of different lines, namely: the Catering Service Division, the Lodging Management Division, the Power and Water Service Division, the Living Service Division in Taoyuan Campus, Kindergartens, the Campus Management Division, the Property Management Division, the Telecommunications Service Division, the Transport Service Division, the Maintenance Engineering Division, the NWU Hotel, the Xueyuan Hotel, the NWU Guest House, the Commercial Business Division, the Construction and Installation Engineering Division, and the Labor Service Company. In the second decade of the 21st century - a hopeful and challenging one - the Logistic Service Group is inspired by the century-lasting spirit of NWU and dedicated to the principle of providing better service to on-campus teaching, scientific research and everyday life of faculties and students. It will honor its long-held service policy which states “service for existence, contribution for support, and innovation for progress” to fulfill its responsibilities and make increasing contributions to the development of NWU on the road ahead. Tel: 0086-29-88303916