Retirement Affairs Office

Set up in March 1989, the Retirement Affairs Office of NWU currently has a staff of 20, including one director and two deputy directors. It is divided into the following three areas of responsibility: the retirement office, the management of NWU Community, and family planning in NWU Community. The Retirement Affairs Office has the duty to publicize policies and principles concerning retired employees and community work, usually issued by Central Committee of CCP or the State Council. It helps to guarantee that retired employees receive considerate service and that the NWU Community is managed efficiently. Covering an area of 0.4 square kilometers, the NWU Community was established in October 2000 and is currently bounded by Hanguang Road and the No. 13 High School to the east, the Community of the Traffic System across South Daxue Road to the south, the Community of Northwestern Poly-technical University to the west, and the east section of South Ring Road and residential area of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance to the north. One director and two deputy directors of NWU Community work under the supervision of Retirement Affairs Office and officials in Sub-district Office of Zhangjiacun. These are generally responsible for cultural activities, security, community service, social security, and the development of various organizations in NWU Community. Tel: 0086-29-88302598 E-mail: