Educational Development Foundation Office

The Educational Development Foundation of NWU was set up in April 2002, with the committee office as its administrative body. The main aims of the committee office are to keep extensive contact with all circles of society, to build up communication and cooperation with domestic and overseas foundations, and to raise support and donations from entrepreneurs, celebrities, board directors and alumni for the sustainable development of NWU. As its routine tasks, the committee office calls upon the NWU Board and NWU Alumni Association regularly and organizes elections for new officials to serve on them. Additionally, the committee office offers assistance to the operation of affiliated alumni associations worldwide, plans various activities, across academic, educational, and social spheres. It nurtures relationships between the alumni and their alma mater, and also encourages all the alumni to advance further in their careers and make contributions to building the future of NWU. Tel:  0086-29-88308201  0086-29-88302613 E-mail: