Students Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office was set up to exclusively manage student affairs on all three campuses. It is mainly responsible for ideological education, cultural activities on campus, and students’ lives. It also maintains a study-oriented atmosphere, provides career placement services, coordinates subsidies to deprived students, provides psychological health assistance, and trains student mentors.

Main divisions and contact information:

Student Education Division

Tel: 0086-29-88308133(Chang’an Campus)  0086-29-88305285(Taibai Campus)

Student Management Division

Tel: 0086-29-88308294(Chang’an Campus)  0086-29-88303943(Taibai Campus)

Division of Subsidy Management

Tel: 0086-29-88308540(Chang’an Campus)  0086-29-88303804(Taibai Campus)

Education and Inquiry Center for Students’ Psychological Health

Tel: 0086-29-88308536(Chang’an Campus)  0086-29-88303943(Taibai Campus)

Career Placement Center

Tel: 0086-29-88308043(Chang’an Campus)  0086-29-88303804(Taibai Campus)