NWU Signs Mevlana Exchange Program Protocol with Istanbul University

A delegation of seven members from Istanbul University, Turkey, headed by Rector Yunus Söylet, paid an official visit to Northwest University on November 6. NWU President Fang Guanghua met the delegation on Taibai Campus, along with heads of the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, School of Cultural Heritage and Office of International Affairs. During the meeting, Professor Yunus Söylet and Professor Fang Guanghua introduced the educational philosophy and feature disciplines of each university respectively. Professor Yunus Söylet spoke highly of NWU’s educational philosophy, i.e. to develop the northwest regions of China by taking the advantage of regional resources. He believed that universities should take the responsibility of serving the regional development by solving regional issues. Both sides also exchanged ideas on cooperation in the fields of archaeology, history, and Middle Eastern studies etc. and signed the Mevlana Exchange Program Protocol. Funded by the Turkish government, the Mevlana Program was an exchange program set up by the Turkish Council on Higher Education for college teachers and students. The program provides scholarships that cover tuition fees and living expenses to students participating in the exchange program. Istanbul University, founded in 1453 with a history of 560 years, was recognized as one of the oldest 10 European universities. It consists of 11 campuses, spreading across Istanbul. It comprises 20 schools (School of Medicine, School of Law, School of Letters, School of Economics, School of Management, School of Politics, and Divinity School etc.), 5 departments (Department of Physical Education, Department of Information, Department of Turkish, Department of Foreign Languages and Department of Art), 15 research institutes and 26 research centers. The University distinguishes itself as a leading university in Turkey in the fields of humanities, social sciences, medicine, business management and natural sciences.