Enrollment for 2011 was successfully completed

Enrollment for 2011 was completed. A total of 3579 undergraduate students and 2091 master and doctoral candidates were enrolled. In the year 2011, NWU has made further efforts to reform enrollment and made gratifying progress including the number of students enrolled, their source structure and so on. Undergraduate enrollment increased by 379 students over that of last year. The enrollment at NWU Vocational School of Technology  and NWU Vocational School of Software was greatly improved. The source structure of undergraduates was getting more reasonable with a 6:4 ratio of students within Shaanxi Provinceagainst those without and 5.6:3.5:0.9 ratios of students of science and engineering against those of literature & history and against those of art. The admission rate of first choice nationwide was 87.3%. Nearly 40% of the enrolled master candidates and more than 75% of the enrolled doctorial candidates came from key universities which belong to “the 211 Project”, “the 985 Project” and others. This was a significant improvement on previous years.