Cosmo Delegation Visits NWU

A delegation of five members from Japan Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd., headed by Honorary Chairman Okabe Keiichiro, visited Northwest University on December 11. NWU President Prof. Fang Guanghua met the delegation on Taibai Campus, along with the heads of the School of Life Sciences and Office of International Affairs. During the meeting, President Fang Guanghua briefed on the profound history, educational philosophy and feature disciplines of NWU, as well as its cooperation with Japanese institutes of higher learning. The Dean of School of Life Sciences then introduced the progress of the NWU-COSMO Qinling Mountain Forest and Ecosystem Restoration Project, illustrated the living habits of the golden monkey, and interacted with the guests by answering their questions at the end of the presentation. The delegation visited NWU museum in the company of President Fang Guanghua after the meeting. Founded in 1986, Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. is a Tokyo-based Fortune 500 company with businesses coverinng procurement of crude oil, transportation and oil stock, oil refining, petrochemicals, petroleum domestic and overseas sales, new energy, and environmental consulting, etc. In 2005, Cosmo began to sponsor NWU School of Life Sciences for the project of protecting the golden monkey in the Qinling Mountain. To date, Cosmo has been financing the Qinling Mountain Forest and Ecosystem Restoration Project for eight years.