NWU Receives International Funds for the Joint Research of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance

A Sino-Sweden joint research project on the Inhibitor Research of Metallo-β-lactamases, initiated by Yang Kewu, professor of NWU School of Chemistry and Materials Science, and Mate Erdelyi, professor of University of Gothenburg, was approved and jointly funded by NSFC and Swedish Research Council (SRC). The fund amounts to 2007 million RMB, including 300 million RMB from NSFC and 1707 million RMB from SRC. NWU was among the four Chinese universities that were sponsored by the Sino-Sweden joint research project. The fact that antibiotic resistance may bring about crisis on clinical medicine has become a social issue faced by countries all over the world. European Commission launched a research program on antibiotic resistance in December 2011 to cope with the crisis. NSFC and SRC funded the research program on antibiotic resistance in 2013, in the hope of making breakthroughs in the field. Professors from NWU, University of Gothenburg, University of Miami and America National Biomedical EPR Center will make a joint effort to conduct this research project, including regular exchange of the research progress, and visiting-student program, etc. This joint project marks NWU’s breakthrough in receiving funds for major international corporative research projects.