Annual Report on Economic Development in Western Region of China (2013) Released in Beijing

Compiled by Northwest University Research Center of West China’s Economic Development and published by China Renmin University Press, Annual Report on Economic Development in Western Region of China (2013) was released in Beijing on December 15, 2013. Professor Xu Zhangyong, one of the chief editors, introduced the main points of The Report and answered the questions of the press at the book launch. The 300,000-word Report consists of five parts: the General Report, the Quality Report of West China’s Economic Growth, the Development Report of Key Industries, the Investment Environment Evaluation Report and the Monographic Studies. The General Report comprehensively reviews the performance of West China’s economy in 2012 and systematically analyzes the main problems during its development. Furthermore, it discusses the domestic and overseas environment for this region’s economic growth in 2013 and offers suggestions on making policies to accelerate the steady growth of West China’s economy. In the Quality Report of West China’s Economic Growth, the Evaluation Index System is built to assess the effectiveness, harmony, stability, continuity, innovativeness and results-sharing indexes of economic growth in the West China. In addition, it evaluates the quality and change trends of West China’s economic growth since the implementation of the Go West Policy, analyzes the main problems and offers suggestions on making policies to improve the quality of West China’s economic growth. The Development Report of Key Industries consists of three sub-reports. Analysis Report on West China’s Industrial Transfer adopts the shift-share method to evaluate the industries with advanced industrial structure and advantageous location in the West regions and puts forward policy suggestions on effective industry transfer. Report on the Development Strategy Research of West China’s General Aviation Industry comprehensively analyzes the strategic environment of West China’s general aviation industry from the aspects of advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and challenges, as well as indicating the optimal strategic choice on West China’s general aviation industry development. Report on West China’s Logistic Industry Development offers the outlooks on West China’s logistic industry by analyzing the status, features and problems of its current development. The Investment Environment Evaluation Report builds the West China’s Investment Environment Evaluation System containing with eight first-class indicators, including business environment, human resources environment, innovation environment, opening-up environments (international integration), infrastructure environment, natural environment, human settlement, marketization degree and government administrative efficiency, 21 second-class indicators and several third-class indicators. The System is set up on the basis of absorbing the theories and achievements of current investment environment evaluation. The Monographic Studies contains 5 sub-reports, namely Research Report on the Development of West China’s Urbanization, Report on the Informatization Development in West China’s Rural Areas, Investigation Report on the Economic and Social Development in Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province, the Inconsistent Development between Finance and Economy: the Gaoling Phenomenon, and the Economic Development during West China’s Urbanization: Dilemma and Ecological Issues. Over 60 news media platforms such as Xinhuanet, Chinanews, People, China Network, Phoenix Net, Sina, Takungpao, etc. have reported the main points of the Report after the book launch.