Iranian Alma-Ata Traditional Band Gave a Successful Performance in Northwest University

On the evening of September 29th, Iranian Alma-Ata traditional band held a concert in Taibai Campus in Northwest University. President Fang Guanghua, along with Mr. Hussein Jalilvand, Cultural Councilor of Iranian Embassy in China, directors of the Institute of Middle East, Research Center of Iran and International Affairs Office, and more than 300 teachers and students, attended the concert. Before the concert, President Fang Guanghua made a speech and expressed warm welcome to Mr. Hussein Jalilvand and six bandsmen of Iranian Alma-Ata traditional band. He reviewed the achievements that Northwest University had made in researches on Iran and highly praised the vital function of Persian Culture in the development of human civilization. He also hoped to strengthen communication and cooperation with Iranian universities and scientific research institution with the help of Iranian Embassy in China. President Fang wished that this cultural activity would enhance the understanding and mutual trust among younger generations in China and Iran to make joint contribution to the construction of the New Silk Road. Then, Mr. Hussein Jalilvand expressed his thanks to President Fang for his warm reception and his greetings for Chinese people before the National Day. He also stressed that both China and Iran were vital countries with great ancient civilization on the Silk Road and hoped this culture-binding activity, with music as the bridge, would reinforce friendship between China and Iran and help people of the two countries recall the vitality of the ancient Silk Road. This cultural activity started with melodious Iranian traditional musical instrument. The bandsmen first presented with exquisite skills three Iranian folk songs, The Cold Breath of Autumn, Shadow and Rain, seemingly guiding audience to experience scenes of life in ancient Persia and the prosperous Silk Road. The audience were attracted by the show and they applauded and cheered with the drum of the songs and invited the band to play another three  songs including Ode To The Motherland to show their greetings for the coming National Day.