Professor Qu Jing’an was elected as a Corresponding Member of the International Institute of History of Science

The results were announced of the co-opted selection of the 2010 International Academy of the History of Science. Professor Qu Jing’an, Dean of NWU Math Department was elected as a Corresponding Member of the Academy. IAHS is an organization which holds the highest honor in the field of the history of science. It was founded in 1929, sponsored mainly by A. Mieli of Italy and by G. Sarton from USA. Its headquarters are to be found in Paris. The organization consists of Effective Members and Corresponding Members who enjoy lifelong honorary titles. At present, there are 120 Effective Members and 180 Corresponding Members. Professor Qu Jing’an is the only nominated and elected Chinese scholar following Professor Li Di, who was selected Corresponding Member of IAHS in 2002. To date, a total of 10 Chinese scholars have been elected as Effective Members and Corresponding Members of IAHS. The famous scientist Zhou Pei-Yuan was elected as an Honorary Member. Zhu Kezhen and Xi Zezong, academians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Jimin, the well-known medical historian, and Liu Dun, President of the International Society for the History of Science, were elected as Effective Members. Wu Liande, the well-known physician, Qian Baozong, the founder of disciplines in the Chinese history of science, Hu Daojing, a historian, Pan Jixing and Li Di, all experts in history were elected as Corresponding Members. Of the above-mentioned IAHS members, only professors Liu Dun and Pan Jixing are still alive.