NWU Delegation Led by President Fang Guanghua Visited Six Korean Universities

President Fang Guanghua, along with Tang Yuming, director of International Affairs Office, Ren Baoping, dean of School of Economics and Management, Li Zhenhai, dean of School of International Cultural Exchanges, and Huang Minxing, director of the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, visited six Korean universities from September 16th to 20th at the invitation of Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the universities. The delegation visited Korea University, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Konkuk University, Chungbuk National University, Chungnam National University and Hannam University. The delegation also met with Professor Park Yonghuan, the organizer of Confucius Institute at Dongguk University. The delegation had discussed with Korean colleagues on various topics including the research of the Silk Road, Sino-Korea educational exchange and co-building of Confucius Institutes. The delegation took part in the International Conference on the Silk Road for Invited Scholars at Korea University in which President Fang Guanghua gave a key-note speech named “The Modern Value of Cultural Relics of the Silk Road”. After the conference, Korean History Institute of Korea University signed academic exchange protocol with The Silk Road Institute of Northwest University. The two universities promised to have cooperation on research concerning the Silk Road, which is expected to lay foundation for further and extensive cooperation in other fields. President Fang Guanghua signed Framework Agreement of Interscholastic Cooperation with Seoul National University of Science and Technology and Chungnam National University, which broadened our channel of communication with Korean universities. President Fang also met with Professor Park, the former dean of Foreign Languages School and presently organizer of setting up a Confucius Institute featuring Buddhism research in Dongguk University. Dongguk University is a comprehensive university founded by Chogye Chong, an important sect of Buddhism in Korea. Dongguk University is a famous private university in Korea which boasts a high reputation in Buddhism-related research. Dongguk University valued the superiority of Buddhism research in Northwest University and dominant historical and cultural environment of Xi’an and hoped to cooperate with Northwest University in partnership to bid for setting up and operating a Confucius Institute in Dongguk University. The five-day visit was in a tight schedule and the delegation visited six universities with rich achievements, which played an important role to promote communication and cooperation between Northwest University and Korean universities.