NWU Campus Drama Wu Song Wins Two Awards at Shaanxi College Drama Festival

The award ceremony of the First Shaanxi College Drama Festival was held in Xi’an on December 15, 2013. Wu Song - NWU campus drama stood out from all the 15 entries, winning the first prize for teamwork and the best scenarist award. In recent years, relying on its profound cultural heritage and innovation spirit, NWU emphasizes the all-round development of professional knowledge education, quality-oriented education, liberal  art education and campus culture. As a result, the University has nurtured a number of excellent campus dramas, which won prizes from home and abroad. NWU campus drama Wu Song was adapted from Water Margin, one of the four great classical novels in Chima. As important was its ability to wow the audiences and judges by its unique artistic effect and connotation, as well as the breathtaking plot and exquisite performances. Eventually, the Wu Song cast of the Black Beauty Troupe won the first price for teamwork. Gao Ziming and Zhang Tong were awarded the best scenarists. Earlier at the Forth Shaanxi Campus Drama Festival, Wu Song has won a number of prizes such as the best drama, the first price for script, the best performance, etc. Furthermore, the crew were invited to make performance tours at Xi’an College of Art and Scineces and Xianyang Normal College. Co-hosted by Shaanxi Communist Youth League, Shaanxi Student Union and Xi'an Qujiang New District Administration Committee, Shaanxi College Drama Festival offers college students a platform to present their spirit of cultural innovation. The Festival is themed in “Build China Dream, Bloom Vigor Youth”, which resonates with “China Dream” and “Prosperous, Harmonious and Lovely Shaanxi”.