2014 Freshmen Orientation Work Meeting Held in Northwest University

Northwest University held freshmen orientation work meeting in Chang’an campus on August 29th. Mr. Li Huanqing, the vice chairman of NWU university council, presided over the meeting. Professor Li Hao, the vice president of NWU, directors of related offices, and associate deans in charge of student services and management from all the schools and departments also attended the meeting. Office of Student Affairs arranged the work of freshmen orientation in details. Dean’s Office, Graduate School, Office of Finance, Security Office and other Offices reported preparations they made for the arrival of freshmen. Professor Li Hao stressed that welcoming freshmen is an annual regular task, but it would be the first and a very important class to the coming freshmen. Therefore, we are supposed to do our best to prepare all work. The whole faculty and staff of NWU and all students on campus also have duties to help with it. We need to present our fine spirituality to the new students and their parents through our patient and detailed service. Mr. Li Huanqing took freshmen orientation as a hard and urgent job for NWU, according to whom every department should attach great importance to it, fully understand the principles we should have and foresee the underlying problems. We should stick to the principle of being thrift and efficient and avoid extravagance and waste to extend a warm welcome. He claimed that all the staff in charge of student services and management should be fully aware of the missions they have. We need to continuously improve our work and dedicate ourselves to the cause of cultivating more talents for NWU and in a broad sense, the nation. Office of International Affairs