Alumni of Class of 1980 and 1990 Visited the Department of Geology

After 30 years or 20 years of graduation from the Department of Geology, some alumni of Class of 1980 and 1990 visited the department and had a meeting with some of their teachers at the time. Directors of the Department of Geology also attended the meeting. The alumni felt excited to have a reunion with their classmates and teachers after a long separation. Together with respectable teachers, the alumni recollected their life on campus and shared some interesting episodes and unforgettable internship experience during their school time at NWU. After sending sincere greetings to the teachers, the alumni reported their conditions of work, study and life after graduation from NWU, and stated the great significance of their learning experience here. They expressed their gratitude and blessings to the teachers for their hard work and presented souvenirs to them. To further extend their gratitude, alumni from Class of 1990 donated offshore drilling platform model---New VictoryⅠ, which is designed, constructed and managed by themselves. Zhang Xiaohui represented all the alumni of 1980 to donate 20 packages of Gxplorer geographical platform software for oil and gas exploration and development, which amount to more than 10 million RMB, to facilitate teaching and research concerning oil and natural gas. They also donated 10 thousand RMB to the scholarship fund of the Department of Geology. The dean of the Department of Geology reported to the alumni recent development of the department, extended thanks to their long-time support, and congratulated on their achievements in different fields. The Department of Geology will, as highlighted by the dean, stick to the fine tradition, and has the confidence and determination to better the department in the years to come. After the meeting, the alumni visited the building of the Department of geology, the national key laboratory of continental dynamics and Chang’an campus of NWU.