Professor Wang Yaoyu has been Re-appointed as a Distinguished Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland

Wang Yaoyu, a professor in NWU’s School of Chemistry and Material Science, was recently re-appointed as a Distinguished Honorary Professor of the University of Queensland. The University of Queensland, which was founded in 1910, is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia. It is ranked around number 40 among the top universities in the world and is honored as one of the members of Group of Eight in the Australian Ivy League, as well as being one of the three Australian universities in UNIVERSITAS 21. Its research into chemistry and chemical engineering, together with 7 other disciplines, are classed as being of world-leading status. Since 2008, Professor Wang Yaoyu has been cooperating with John Zhu, a professor in the School of Chemical Engineering of University of Queensland, to jointly undertake an international cooperation project subsidized by the Australian government. The project has received great attention from the scholars in the University of Queensland. In recent years, Professor Wang Yaoyu has dedicated himself to the research into the oriented synthesis and structure-function relationship between the chiasma and wrap of Metal-Organic Frameworks, and has received funding successively from national and provincial projects, including the major research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation. The research team led by Professor Wang Yaoyu discovered, reported a compound with a braided structure and proposed an English name, definition, and structural model for it.