Mr. Yan Jun Donates Cultural Relics to NWU

Mr. Yan Jun, great-grandson of Mr. Yan Zunqian who graduated from Northwest University in 1913, donated a number of precious cultural relics to NWU Museum on November 18. Vice President Yang Chunde and heads of relevant departments of the University participated in the donation ceremony. The donations included Mr. Yan Zunqian’s original NWU diploma in 1913, and the original indictment at the time when Mr. Yan was the Presiding Judge of Zhichuan Law Court in Hancheng, as well as 28 textbooks and reference books of philosophy, literature, history, and law in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The oldest donation was a literature textbook in 1786. Another textbook Administrative Law compiled and mimeographed by Professor Qian Hongjun, President of NWU in the Republic of China, made its first appearance in the contemporary time. Mr. Yan Zunqian’s original NWU diploma was signed and sealed on Feb. 7, 1913 by President Qian Hongjun, Professor Tan Huanzhang, Head of Liberal Arts Department, Professor Wang Jinchi, Head of Law Department as well as Professor Ma Buyun, Academic Dean and Head of Business Department. What is special about the seal is that the red signet of NWU in seal character was found for the first time. The diploma serves as a historical document to demonstrate the history of higher education in Shaanxi Province between the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The textbooks are of vital historical values in studying the education of legal talents, as well as the introduction and establishment of the jurisprudence in Shaanxi Province and China’s northwestern regions. Mr. Yan Zunqian, great-grandfather of the donator, alias name Ji Liu, was born in 1887 in Huxian County with ancestral home in Yuyao, Zhejiang. He was appointed as the Presiding Judge of Hancheng Law Court in Hancheng after his graduation from NWU, and moved to Xi’an later.