The first session of NWU “Cultural Heritage Month” was completed

From May 18th to June 20th, to celebrate the “International Museum Day” and “the Day for China Cultural Heritage”, NWU School of Cultural Heritage held the first session of “Cultural Heritage Month” with a series of activities, including five events, namely: the introduction of museums to universities, the opening of the NWU museum to the public, a series of academic lectures, a competition testing knowledge of cultural heritage, and a contest to design the school logo. More than 2,000 students and people from both within and outside NWU were actively involved in this. The series of activities in the introduction of museums to universities were co-hosted by NWU School of Cultural Heritage and the Xi’an Museum. Publicity for the International Museum Day, knowledge of museums and the Protection Law of Cultural Relics was respectively held in Taibai and Chang’an campuses. Meanwhile, the signature campaign, which had the theme of “protecting cultural heritage and watching our spiritual home”, saw extensive participation from students. In addition, more than 200 students from seven schools and departments were invited to visit campus Xi’an Museum, the Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Jianfu Temple, and the royal temple of the Tang Dynasty. The series of activities held in the “Cultural Heritage Month” built a platform for NWU teachers and students to understand cultural heritage and to experience the charm of traditional culture, playing a positive role in the improvement of people’s knowledge of cultural heritage.