Jonathan Spence Delivered Academic Report at NWU

The 30th Hou Wailu Academic Lecture hosted by Vice President Li Hao was held on the Chang’an Campus on March 19. The lecture entitled “Writing Stories in the West” was delivered by Professor Jonathan D. Spence, a celebrated American sinologist, together with Professor Zheng Peikai and Professor Annping Chin. Professor Zheng Peikai introduced the works of Professor Jonathan D. Spence as well as his own methods of narrating history. Professor Spence began by describing his academic research, and further elaborated the reasons for devoting his attention to Chinese history. Afterwards, he presented his works Ts’ao Yin & The K’ang-shi Emperor, To Change China, and The Question of Hu, while expounding his methods of handling historical materials. Meanwhile, Professor Spence gave the audiences his suggestions on searching for one’s own destination in studying Chinese history and Chinese culture from a Western prospective. Professor Annping Chin started by relating her life experiences and considering the links between herself and the two cultures, together with her passion for the history of Chinese ideologies and Pre-Qin philosophies. This gave a detailed indication of how to apply research methods to the study of Confucius. During the following question-and-answer section, the audiences actively discussed academic research and innovation, while proposing many questions to the scholars. Vice President Li Hao finally expressed his sincere thanks to the scholars for their outstanding lectures.