NWU First Funded by Innovative Research Group Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China

The National Natural Science Foundation of China has published the results of 2014 Innovative Research Group Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation. Professor Dong Yunpeng of the Geology Department and his group, currently conducting profound research on tectonics and continental dynamics, were granted a total amount of twelve million RMB in the following six years. It’s the first time for a research group in NWU to be funded as an Innovative Research Group. The Innovative Research Group Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, set up in 2000, aims to support outstanding young and middle-aged scientists as academic research leaders having innovative research on significant research fields and in turn to cultivate a research group playing a positive role in international science arena. It is a talent planning project with the most extensive influence and the fiercest competition. In 2014, thirty research groups were sponsored nationwide. The research group, led by Professor Dong Yunpeng, spent years making their researches on the field of tectonics and continental dynamics competitive in the international forefront. With the guidance of Professor Zhang  Guowei and Professor Zhai  Mingguo, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Dong and his fellow researchers conducted consistent and profound researches in the process of which also facilitated by the technical support and talent reserves of the structural geology national key discipline and the state key laboratory of continental dynamics. Among the group, there are three winners of National Outstanding Youth Fund, one professor awarded as Changjiang Scholar by Ministry of Education, three candidates of National Talents Project, two experts with National Outstanding Contributions, one selected as chair professor “973” Project, four directors of key projects of National Natural Science Funds, one National Outstanding Teacher and one National Outstanding Young Teacher awarded by Ministry of Education, four winners of Foundation for Universities Key Teachers by the Ministry of Education, one winner of Huang Jiqing Geological Science and Technology Awards, and one winner of Hou Defeng Geochemical Youth Scientists. The key members of the group have published 330 papers within five years and 187 papers of them are in SCI journals which have been quoted in total 5705 times. What’s more, they have been sponsored by 25 provincial-level projects and have won 10 provincial-level awards. Office of International Affairs