Chairman of Northwest University Council Professor Qiao Xueguang Met with Vice President of Bryant University

On August 19th, Professor Yang Hong, Vice President of Bryant University in the United States, and Professor Leng Qin, Dean of Department of Science and Technology in Bryant University, visited Northwest University. Chairman of Northwest University Council Professor Qiao Xueguang met with them in Taibai Campus. Chairman Qiao introduced to the guests the history and characteristics of Northwest University, and especially the construction of teaching faculty. Professor Yang Hong introduced the history and competitive disciplines of Bryant University and explained Bryant University’s preference for international cooperation. Both sides expressed their wishes to promote mutual communication and cooperation through exchange programs of teachers and students, and agreed to further discuss the possibilities of initiating cooperative programs designed for interdisciplinary researches on environment and climate change. After the meeting, Chairman Qiao accompanied them to visit Northwest University On-campus Museum. Earlier in May of this year, Chairman Qiao visited Bryant University as a member of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education and signed framework agreement of interscholastic cooperation between Northwest University and Bryant University. The purpose of Vice President Yang Hong’s visit is to deepen understanding of these two universities and facilitate further cooperation. Office of International Affairs