NWU Celebrates the 90th Anniversary of Chemistry Discipline

The celebration of the 90th anniversary of Chemistry Discipline was held on Taibai Campus on November 9. Present at the celebration were guests from the chemistry field over the country and NWU leadership, including Mr. Liang Wenping, Executive Deputy Director of Department of Chemistry in National Natural Science Foundation; Academician Gao Song, Vice President and Academic Dean of Peking University; Academician Zhang Shengyong, professor of the Fourth Military Medical University; Professor Qiu Shilun, former Vice President of Jilin University; Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor Su Zhongmin, Vice President of Northeast Normal University; Professor Liu Maili, winner of the Outstanding Young Fund Award and Director of Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics; Li Xuemei, Chief Executive of Shaanxi Overseas Investment and Development Co., Ltd.; Zhang Jiyao, former General Manager of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.; Ran Xinquan, former Deputy Director General of Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau; Dai Cangding, Vice President of Xi'an Polytechnic University; Mr. Zhang Gensuo, former Party Secretary and Chief Executive of Shannxi Shanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.; Yang Junlin, Director of Division Three of Chemistry Department in National Natural Science Foundation; Liu Quan, Deputy Director of HR Office in Planning Bureau; He Dexin , Chief Executive of Shanghai Chenhua Instruments Co. Ltd.; Professor Qiao Xueguang, Party Secretary of NWU; Professor Fang Guanghua, President of NWU; Professor Wang Wangdi, Chairman of the NWU Union, and Professor Wang Yaoyu, Vice President of NWU. The Ceremony was hosted by Professor Chang Jiang, Party Secretary of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science. Over 600 people participated in the grand celebration. The celebration was held in the Grand Lecture Hall on the Taibai Campus at 10 a.m. Professor Wu Biao, Dean of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, reviewed the development path of NWU Chemistry Discipline and described the goal of its future development. Researcher Liang Wenping then delivered a passionate speech reviewing the great achievements made by the School. He suggested that the School further develop itself in terms of fundamental research, initiative innovation and talent cultivation. Then, representatives of sister universities and institutes, retired professors and young scholars, as well as alumni and current students all showed their supports and best wishes to the School in their speeches. The celebration also witnessed the launching of “Gao Hong Scholarship”. Mr. He Dexin, student of Professor Gao Hong, said that the scholarship was set up in the hope of inheriting and carrying forward Academician Gao Hong’s educational philosophy and research spirit. President Fang Guanghua delivered a speech on behalf of the university leadership. He mentioned that the 90-year history of NWU Chemistry Discipline is closely connected with the scientific education in the western regions of China. The Chemistry Discipline has made its due contributions to the talent cultivation and Go West Strategy, in the spirit of continuous self-improvement and innovation. President Fang firmly believed that the NWU chemistry will make even greater progress. In the evening, a party was held by the School, attracting around 600 audiences from the School and Institute of Analytical Science. Other events including the Frontier Academic Forum of Chemistry and Alumnus Colloquia etc. were also parts of the grand celebration. Founded in 1923, NWU’s academic discipline of Chemistry was the oldest chemistry talent training center in western China. Department of Chemistry was established in 1937, and then expanded to the School of Chemistry and Materials Science in 2008.