The International Seminar into the Economic Development of the Western Regions in the Post-crisis Era was held in NWU

From August 29th to 31st, the International Seminar of Economic Development of the Western Regions in Post-crisis Era was held in NWU. The seminar was jointly organized by the NWU School of Economics & Management, the Research Center for Public Finance in China of Beijing University and the East Asian Institute ofthe National University of Singapore. More than 20 experts and scholars attended the seminar. They were from Beijing University, the Development Research Center of the State Council, National the University of Singapore,the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Seoul University of Korea, and NWU. Experts conducted discussions in three sub-forums around the economic development of the Western regions in the post-crisis era. Experts from the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Peking University and the NWU School of Economics & Management delivered speeches on 14 topics, including the population structure in the Western regions, the enlightenment of economic development of East Asian to that of the Western regions, the management of boarding schools in Western regions, public expenditures in local economic development and public finance in Western regions, and so forth. Scholars attending the seminar and experts delivering speeches had rational and in-depth academic discussions.