The 2011 Summer Scientific Experience Course of Biogen Idec-NWU Laboratory of Chinese Communities was successfully concluded

From July 5th to 8th, the 2011 Summer Scientific Experience Course of Biogen Idec-NWU Laboratory of Chinese Communities was successfully held at NWU. 52 students from the Middle School attached to NWU, the 8th and 83rd Middle Schools of Xi’an, and Xi'an 1st Railway Middle School participated. The Biogen Idec-NWU Laboratory of Chinese Communities was inaugurated and officially opened on August 26th, 2010 at NWU School of Life Sciences. It was the first community laboratory with a social welfare focusestablished in China by Biogen Idec Inc, the US-based world giant in biomedical pharmacy. It aimed to becomethe “cradle for future scientists”, being open on a regular basis to students and teachers from the middle and high schools of Shaanxi province. Students can take advantage of its advanced equipment for undertaking real scientific experiments which help them to understand science and technology and its application in the biomedical field. Community laboratories are also aimed at inspiring students’ interests in pursuing scientific careers and careers related to science by providing innovative teaching and learning activities for them to experience. In March 2011, NWU held the first winter scientific experience course and achieved satisfying results. To enable the smooth implementation of the present course, the teachers from NWU School of Life Sciences responsible forrunning it actively got in touch with all secondary schools in Xi’an. They also garnered the support of a number of key middle schools.