Eight National Quality Resource-sharing Courses of NWU Open Online

Eight national quality resource-sharing courses of NWU, including Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Analysis, Structural Geology, and Chinese Traditional Culture, are formally open to the public on Icourse, an online platform of quality courses.

During the 12th Five-year Plan Period, 5 quality video courses and 13 quality resource-sharing courses of NWU have been approved to be national quality open courses with the support of 211-Project Undergraduate Educational Reform and Talent Training Program. 11 of the approved courses have been completed with constant efforts of relevant faculty members. The construction of national quality open courses not only enriched the quality course system and teaching resources of Northwest University, but also had positive effect on furthering educational reform and expanding the influence of NWU.





Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Analysis Chen Sanping http://www.icourses.cn/coursestatic/course_4243.html
Structural Geology Luo Jinhai http://www.icourses.cn/coursestatic/course_4247.html
Chinese Traditional Culture Fang Guanghua http://www.icourses.cn/coursestatic/course_4249.html
Magmatic Petrology Lai Shaocong http://www.icourses.cn/coursestatic/course_5969.html
An Introduction to Archaeology of Science and Technology Zhao Congcang http://www.icourses.cn/coursestatic/course_6013.html
Prehistoric Archaeology Zahng Hongyan http://www.icourses.cn/coursestatic/course_4245.html
Data Structure Geng Guohua http://www.icourses.cn/coursestatic/course_4246.html
Political Economy He Aiping http://www.icourses.cn/coursestatic/course_4250.html